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Jill is a passionate and dedicated teacher. It is evident that she cares deeply about helping my son meet his full potential. He enjoys learning from her and looks forward to their tutoring sessions every Friday. When I asked him his opinion of her, he said, "she’s kind, patient, compassionate and funny.” We’re both grateful to have found her.  We recommend her 1,000%! 

My daughter has responded very well to her approach of tutoring. She is an amazing teacher with many tools and works diligently to find a way that will connect with your child’s learning needs. She cares greatly about her students and consistently goes above and beyond. She has given my daughter one of the greatest gifts while being tutored for reading, confidence. She is excited to start school again and has a new desire to learn with a bit less frustration.

Thank you for everything."

We used Jill to tutor my eight-year-old twin boys. She worked tirelessly with both of them who have different learning problems.

Jill is very professional and patient. She quickly grasped my boys learning styles and taught them accordingly. Very often, Jill would go beyond the hour session and would sometimes call in between to check on the boys. We knew she cared a lot for our boys as they did for her. She was really inspiring and boosted their confidence so much. Jill said she would make herself available if we ever needed her again. Highly recommended. 

Mrs. Jill is very passionate when it comes to learning. She shows compassion and patience with our son. He's gaining confidence and a love of reading. He really enjoys spending time with her and he can't wait to see her again."

Ms. Jill was excellent from the start. She met with my daughter for an initial "introduction" meeting before getting started with an actual tutoring session to ensure it would be a good fit and that my daughter would be comfortable with her. She spoke in length with me to get to know my child's strengths, weaknesses, personalities and what exactly I was looking for in a tutor. Ms. Jill really connects with my daughter and works to find out where she is weak in reading comprehension and vocabulary so she can help strengthen those weaknesses. My daughter has a learning difference and Ms. Jill has proven to be able to navigate through that to help her understand the information being taught. She is very patient, kind and understanding which makes it a great fit for my daughter who can at times be very sensitive and get frustrated when not catching on as quick as she would like to. In just a few sessions, Ms. Jill has helped boost her confidence and given her strategies to help with reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms and vocabulary in school and during testing. I highly recommend Mrs. Max as a tutor, especially for children with learning differences. She really gets through and makes a difference.

Jill has done an exceptional job with preparing our daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. Would recommend her services to family and friends in the future. 

Jill is such a sweet soul. Her attentiveness to my daughter who's been struggling with reading for a few years is outstanding. In the time she's been with Jill (about 9 months) she has made more progress then she had with anyone else. She enjoys and looks forward to going to tutoring and it's an amazing thing.

Jill is a great teacher who has motivated my reluctant reader to enjoy reading, and is extremely dedicated and committed to her work. She is genuinely interested in her students' advancement and progress. We will continue to work with Jill throughout the year.

We hired Jill to work with our daughter over the summer and help her build confidence in skills where she was struggling. Jill did a great job building a weekly program that not only had her learning, but made her excited to attend her tutoring sessions each week. Overall we had a great experience and would use Jill again if needed.​

My 4th grade daughter is struggling with reading comprehension/writing and has been working with Jill for

a few months. Her essay responses have improved dramatically during her latest reporting period. My daughter has ADHD - Jill accommodates her with a lot of patience, breaks and little activities for the two-hour session.

We are very pleased to provide an excellent rating for

Jill and highly recommend.

I would certainly recommend Jill for tutoring. She is

very honest, committed and dedicated.

- Katherine

- Unnamed Thumbtack Customer
- Jarell
- Sarah
- Julia
- Charlene
- Diondrea
- Herky
- Carrie
- Laura

Jill is very kind and patient. My son has done very well at school under her tutelage. Brandon looks forward to working with Jill; this enthusiasm for learning has carried over into the classroom.

- Danielle

Jill is a pleasure to work with. She was able to use different methods to determine what was Mike’s biggest issue and ideas how to work on it. Each meeting she brought different activities to focus on reading areas.

- Deb

Jill has done an exceptional job with preparing our daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. Would recommend her services to family and friends in the future.

- Valerie

Jill is great. She’s very understanding and patient helping my son with his struggle in reading. Someone I recommend to use as a tutor that wants to help your child succeed. Thank you Jill!

- Susan

For our 4th grader, we engaged with Ms. Jill to get some focused attention on building interest in varied reading, and working methodically towards more organized writing. We believed that this kind of tutoring in a different atmosphere, may help him stay focused, be less distracted and get more independent with language assignments at school. Looking back, we are happy to have taken this step - Ms. Jill is extremely patient, willing to listen to our questions and concerns, make necessary changes to the lesson plans as needed, and go that extra mile in targeting areas that need attention. We would highly recommend Ms. Jill to anyone who needs that bit of a nudge to excel! 

My teacher was just amazing! With professionalism, a lot of focus and attention she helped

me exactly where needed and gave me lots of tips and advice! Highly recommend!!! If you need an ESL teacher go 100% to Jill!

I have personally witnessed Jill do some amazing things with kids helping them study and prepare for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Even special ed children have benefitted from Jill's guidance and patience and have gone on to read Torah.

I highly recommend Jill as a teacher of English as a second language. Jill's patient and kind manner was perfect for my high school child who needed to improve her speaking and reading-writing skills. More than anything, Jill helped my daughter feel confident when speaking in class and with her friends. Jill's creative and motivating techniques helped our daughter stay focused and determined to learn. If my daughter got frustrated, with humor and respect, Jill was always able to ease the stress and tension of learning a new language. Again, I recommend Jill as your teacher.

Jill is an excellent teacher...she is very professional, patient and creative. Our student has made excellent progress learning English over the past 6 weeks of working with Jill!!

Jill was very willing to help. She provided me with tips, research, and followed up with resources.

Jill is very patient and knows how to find ways to work with my son. She is always well prepared for the lessons. Thanks, Jill.

- Gowri
- Yaniv
- Terry
- Jordan
- Carolyn
- George
- Hong

Jill is awesome and my daughter loves working with her.

- Sutayna

Jill is excellent trainer. I recommend Jill for your ESL needs.

- JK

Jill Max was an excellent instructor and tailored her instruction for my son.

- Leo
- Hong
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